Warm up with a dish of Pizzoccheri della Valtellina



Traditional “Pizzoccheri” are from the Valtellina;  the northernmost region of Lombardy, at the foothills of the Alps, where skiers know a thing or two about staying warm with comfort foods (and wonderful wines) during the winter months!


Chiavenna, Province of Sondrio – Photo courtesy of  Mark Swint

Carlo-Moro_RIFATTOIn 1868, it was Carlo Moro who gave life to the pasta factory on the river Mera, where the waters powered the grinding machines. The original location is now an industrial museum and their new, state-of-the-art factory, using 100 percent green energy, resides at the main gates of Chiavenna, 10 km from Switzerland, on the road towards St. Moritz. Today, Moro’s Pastificio di Chiavenna continues to produce pasta made from indigenous “Grano Saraceno” buckwheat flour. 

Moro Mix

(from l-r: Pizzoccheri nests, Fidelin (buckwheat spaghetti) and traditional, ribbon-cut Pizzoccheri).

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Then enjoy this wonderful recipe featuring Carlo Moro’s famous pizzoccheri!

pizzoccheri in dish

Pizzoccheri della Valtellina (serves 4)


1 stick of butter

1 garlic clove sliced in half

3-4 fresh sage leaves

1 1/2 cups Moro Pizzoccheri

3/4 cup peeled & cubed potatoes

1/2 cup savoy cabbage sliced into wide strips (or cut spinach)

¾ cup slices of Bitto or Casera cheese (or substitute with Fontina)

1/3 cup grated parmigiano reggiano cheese


Melt the butter in a small pan. Add the garlic and sauté briefly, then add the sage leaves. Reduce the heat and cook on a low flame until the garlic is a nice golden brown. Set aside.

In a large pot of boiling water, salted to taste, boil the potatoes and the cabbage (or spinach) for 5 minutes. Then add the pizzoccheri and boil for another 12-15 minutes. Once the pizzoccheri are “al dente”, drain the pasta, potato and cabbage well.

Place a layer of this pizzoccheri mixture into a glass serving dish (oven-proof if it will go into the oven to stay warm) then layer some of the cheese over it. Continue to layer until you’ve used all the cooked pasta mixture and all of the cheese.

Once all the layers are created reheat the melted sage butter briefly and pour the sage butter over the pizzoccheri.

Serve hot with a grinding of black pepper to taste.



Pair with a wonderful Sassella Valtellina Superiore DOCG.


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Retreat to the Tuscan Countryside


Fattoria I Veroni Winery and Agriturism are located in Pontassieve, in the Chianti Rufina territory of the province of Florence.  Just nine miles from the city, the breathtaking landscape is dominated by vineyards, century-old olive trees, cypress hills, holms and oak trees.

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Traditional Maccheroncini with Meat Ragù

Campofilone Province of Ascoli Piceno in Le Marche - Photo courtesy of the Association Pro Loco of Campofilone.

Campofilone Province of Ascoli Piceno in Le Marche – Photo courtesy of the Association Pro Loco of Campofilone.

Campofilone is a small agricultural town overlooking the Adriatic Sea, in Le Marche region of Central Italy. It is also the birthplace of the first egg pasta; la Campofilone Maccheroncini.

la campofilone hands

For over one hundred years, La Campofilone company has used only simple natural ingredients like eggs from free-range hens fed exclusively with non-GMO cereals and non-genetically-modified, high protein durum wheat grown exclusively in the region. The result is light, delicious, high protein authentic pasta which rivals most homemade egg pastas.



Traditional Maccheroncini with Meat Ragù/Ragù originale per i Maccheroncini


½ pound la Campofilone Maccheroncini
¼ pound beef stew bones (optional)
¼ pound chopped veal
½ pound chopped sirloin
¼ pound chicken giblets (optional)
1 stalk of celery
1 carrot
1 onion
½ cup of white wine
2 cups peeled tomatoes
3 tablespoons olive oil
Salt & pepper
2 tablespoons grated Pecorino or parmesan
3 sprigs of fresh basil

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Ancient Roman Recipe for Olive and Herb Tapenade


The original ancient Roman recipe for Olive and Herb Tapenade is called “Epityrum” and is from Cato the Elder’s “De Agri Cultura” book written circa 160 BC. We used Marchesi Sabina D.O.P. Extra Virgin Olive Oil to most accurately recreate this traditional recipe.


Ingredients for our “Epityrum” recipe

▪   3 ounces of whole Cerignola (or other Italian) green olives
▪   3 ounces of whole black olives
▪   1 tsp. of cumin seeds
▪   1/2 tsp. of fennel seeds
▪   A bunch of fresh coriander leaves
▪   A sprig of rue (or fresh fennel leaves)
▪   3 mint leaves
▪   2 TB Sabina D.O.P. extra virgin olive oil
▪   3 TB white wine vinegar (to taste)

Pit the olives. Grind cumin and fennel seeds either in a spice grinder or mortar and pestle. Finely chop the coriander, rue (or fresh fennel leaves) and mint. Finely chop the olives. Place in a bowl. Dress with Sabina D.O.P. extra virgin olive oil and vinegar. Add all of the herbs to the bowl and toss.

Serve with hearty bread or crostini.


Photo courtesy of: essentially healthy food

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Marchesi SABINA D.O.P.

Marchesi SABINA D.O.P.

award-winning “Liquid Gold”

Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


In March, 2014 Marchesi Sabina D.O.P. Extra Virgin Olive Oil was awarded first place in “light and fruity” category of the “Gold from Lazio; Masterpieces in Flavor” competition held in Rome.

Sabina D.O.P. is aromatic with notes of fresh herbs and artichoke. Sabina D.O.P. boasts an excellent balance of fruit and spice and is smooth on the palate.
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Visit the Po Valley

  Prime Alture Wine Resort

pic 1

Named for its position at the “first hills” of the Northern Apennine Mountains, Prime Alture is a year-round Wine Resort located in the Oltrepo Pavese town of Casteggio, in the Provincia di Pavia. Prime Alture is less than an hour from the “centro” of Milan, on the “45° parallel” famous for its great wine regions such as Bordeaux and nearby Piemonte. The wines of Prime Alture are upscale and approachable like the resort itself.

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Healthy “Pasta con le Sarde”


Recipe & Photo courtesy of Paolo Bertazzoni


Pasta con le Sarde/Pasta with Sardines

Pasta with sardines is a very tasty and healthy dish. Sardines are rich in unsaturated fats which are good for controlling your cholesterol. Paolo Bertazzoni’s choice is to use egg tagliolini since the round taste of this type of pasta enhances the delicate flavor of fish ragouts but we find that a high quality bronze drawn pasta like Premiato Pastificio Afeltra’s linguine, works wonderfully.

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